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Course of Independent Study (CIS)
Course of Independent Study (CIS) is the next advanced step in accordance with the modified AICTE norms from the academic year 2015-16. From the said academic year AICTE advised the Business schools to replace the dissertation work with a Course of Independent study. CIS is a comprehensive research involving multiple dimensions of a phenomenon under the study. The objective is to make students explore multiple dimensions of a phenomenon unlike a single dimension that they adopt in dissertation. GBS was one of the earliest in quickly adopting this norm suggested by AICTE.

This has paid rich dividends to the students who started exploring an area for research instead of a topic. The students undertake this CIS project at least for a period of 12-14 weeks and spend a minimum of 60-70 hours of class room study and analysis plus over 100 hours of research work in completing the project. The study is presented as a comprehensive report and many times there is an industry association also involved here.
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