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A capstone course leads to a learning experience which is an integration of management knowledge with professional practice. It exposes the students to the policy and planning process through projects and other assignments, with emphases on integrating aspects of research, policy-making, management and technology. Capstone courses helps the students in working on real time projects. Students learn through different methods by practicing skills learned in other courses, through feedback from different stakeholders, and from reflection on their experience.

Capstone courses provides an opportunity to the students to integrate courses across the curriculum. For example in a course of marketing, you may have to understand and prepare a report on the failure of a product or a service. In this capstone course , you may be expected comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information from all relevant courses as well as new information acquired particularly for this assignment. In this Capstone course, you will be expected to You will be expected to do so with respect to an unfamiliar topic within a strict time frame while working with team members successful professionals who one day may be your colleagues. Team projects are required because virtually all professional work is undertaken collaboratively with colleagues. No other course in the curriculum has such broad and ambitious objectives.
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