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Research Policy

Globally, the business world takes thousands of decisions which are not only responsible for shaping the world but also influences the common man’s life to a greater extent. At GBS we are convinced that these decisions are a combination of high caliber applied business research real world business insight, and this belief underlies all our research and commercial activity.

As a best practice-based business school, GBS is building its credibility on improving the relevance of business research without compromising on the academic rigour. Our objective is to combine popular academic concepts with the current business and management practice, framing relevant research hypothesis, adding new learning and insight - and most importantly solving modern day business problems.

Our research system has the following elements.
GBS research focus has the following underlined objectives. Here is an exhaustive list of current and upcoming research areas relevant to GBS stakeholders.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
PGDM with Media
PGDM with Healthcare
PGDM with Investment Banking & Risk Management
PGDM with Retail Business
PGDM with Business Analytics
Executive PGDM
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