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GBS School of Business Studies
Placement Cell
The placement cell at School of Business Studies comprises of
  • Placement Coordinator
  • Placement Officer
  • Student Members

The placement Officer contacts the companies for the SIP and final placements. He is responsible for making companies aware about the placement’s policy.

Placement Coordinator coordinates with the companies and works on pre placement talk’s schedule, final interview schedules. Student Member’s are made to actively participate in the placements proceedings and they act as the interface between placement officer and the students. Policy GBS provides opportunities of interaction between students and representatives of the industry to facilitate placement in suitable jobs. Campus interviews are arranged by the institute. GBS also acts as a platform to have dialogue between representatives of financial agencies/entrepreneurs and students. Many multinationals and other organizations of repute, visit our campus in search of talented future managers regularly.

The Objective of the placement cell is to provide one job for each student

Campus recruitment is meant only for the Students of Final year

  • Companies confirming for recruitment at the campus will be categorized into Category A, Category B and Category C. This categorization and the slot assignment for recruitment is done by the Placement Cell on the basis of various details provided by the company through the ‘Job Response Form’ (such as Package details, job profile, number of branches, number of students, past association with GBS)
  • A student can procure only one job in each category and is barred to apply further in the category implied
  • A student procuring job in a Category C company is entitled only for applying in Category B and Category A, student procuring Job in Category B company can only apply for Category A company and Student Procuring Job in Category A company cannot apply for any other Category
  • If a student gets offer from more than one company (different categories), then he/she must inform the companies about the job offer he/she wishes to accept, through the Placement Cell

Placements Proceedings:

The companies are advised to give Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) before starting the selection process at the campus. This provides an opportunity to the students to understand the organization better and gives the companies the idea of the student’s expectation & desires.

The final job offers/appointment letters are routed through the Director.

The companies are requested to mail the enclosed Response Form to the Institute/contact Director for their requirement for placement. They should send details such as preferred date for holding the selection proceedings, the modalities of the selection proceedings, shortlist of candidates, job profiles etc. The placement teams would then co-ordinate with the companies and finalize placement schedules at mutually convenient dates.

The CV’s of the students interested in respective organization are collected by the Corporate Philanthropy cell. These are then forwarded to the companies.

Companies are requested to communicate the above details preferably within a week prior to the date on which they intend to hold the proceedings.

Placement Policy
GBS-School of Business Studies takes the opportunity of extending Campus Placement opportunities to the deserving studens (As per the corporate specifications and eligibility criteria) PGDM final year students. GBS placement commitment spreads across to all the cities in India and any corporate they feel is appropriate for student’s degree and performance.


All full time final year students of GBS are eligible to participate in the recruitment process for placements through the GBS Placement Cell except those:
  • Students who has a backlog of papers in the previous /current semester.
  • Students having 4 or more course backlogs are not eligible for placement registration.
  • GBS Placement commitment is applicable for students with a minimum Grade Point average equivalent of 60% depending on the corporate and industry policies applicable.
The Campus Recruitment will cover one or a combination of the following procedure becoming a part of the process.


Pre-Placement Talk

A presentation about the company will be made during the pre-placement talk. Basically the presentation includes the information like selection procedure, company’s milestones, organizational achievements, candidate scope of improvement within the organization if selected, salary, employment benefits. Usually this presentation will end up with question and answer session, students given chance to ask questions about company.

Educational qualification Companies who are interested in campus visit for recruitment purpose will have specific qualification criteria. Qualification criteria include marks or grade range, specific program.

Written Test

Qualified students will undergo a written test. This is usually a simple aptitude test but depending on company and the position looking for, the difficulty level of the test may be at the higher side.

Group Discussion

Most of the companies will have this round as a filtering round. This round may or may not be conducted. A common topic is placed before the group and a formal discussion or knowledge sharing is expected by the judge. Purpose of this round is to check communication skills, etiquette of person, listening ability, convincing power, group leadership, leader or follower and many more things are evaluated on the basis of requirement or the particular intention of organisation or company.

Technical Interview

Based on outcome of above said process, students will further undergo a round called technical round. This round evaluates the technical ability of the student. In most of the cases this will be an individual round but it may be grouped with the formal interview.

Formal Interview

Final round of the selection process, where the student’s stability and his confidence level towards the particular work will be evaluated. The interview focuses on overall personality of the candidate.


Once the student is selected, he will be given an offer letter. Company’s executive may provide guidelines about joining procedure and other prerequisites if needed.

GBS will organize the campus placement in one or a combination of the following mode of selection process.
  1. Direct Campus Placement with an entry level opportunity.
  2. Internship cum Placements-Student may have to go through a specified period of temporary placement before being absorbed by the respective employers based on satisfactory performance and other terms of employment.

The Campus Placement will be organized by GBS along with the interested corporate in one of the following format.

  • The Corporate along with their assigned team is going to visit GBS to carry out the placement activities. In some cases the corporate may leave a part of the final round to happen in their assigned offices.
  • Pool Campus: This job placement program is conducted within a group of colleges and in this job is given as an off campus placement. This job placement program is for students from other institutions. This program will be conducted in a common place (it may be in a college or in some public place) where students from different colleges will take part.
  • Sometimes the corporate may invite the shortlisted candidates to their offices in any part of India to carry out the Campus Recruitment activities.

For any of the above format of Campus Recruitment activities, institute is not liable to compensate the expenses (In any form and kind) of the students arising from the same.


Campus Placement involves interface of students with the Industry, one of the most important stakeholders of GBS-School of Business Studies. This interface point also raises the possibilities of being misused by the students leading to serious strain in the relationship of the institute with the corporate. To avoid them consciously, GBS expects you to follow the policies and rules described below.
  • All students eligible for on-campus jobs have to register themselves by signing on a copy of this document. Students who have a pre-placement offer will also be allowed to register for the institute placement process.
  • GBS only invites the deserving and willing candidates to be a part of the placement process.
  • Students must be ready to accept placement opportunities coming from any part of India. Preference of location should not be a pretext for rejecting existing placement opportunities or winning placement opportunities at any point of the placement drive.
  • Opportunities will not be based on any specific expectations of any student/ students and will remain market driven.
  • GBS does not take the responsibility of the outcome of the placement selection process.
  • At the time of extending the Placement opportunities to the students, GBS will maintain the sole right of offering or not offering an opportunity to the students.
  • In case the student wants to decline an offer given by the institute, he or she will have to give adequate and satisfactory reasons for the same. Otherwise, the same will be considered as opportunities foregone by the students.
  • The student under no circumstances should carry out any kind of communications with any employee of any existing or upcoming Campus Recruiters independtly during any part of the Campus recruitment process. Till the student accepts an offer and joins the corporate, all communication shall be strictly routed through the placement department of GBS.
  • In case the student decides to join a corporate, the minimum stint of employment expected from the students to be one year from the date of joining.
  • Depending on the profile/requirements laid by the respective company a detailed resume should be prepared in an attractive manner and submitted within the deadline. Late submission will not be considered for the test/interview.
  • Any corporate complaining against a student’s misconduct or behaviour will lead to automatic disqualification of the student’s eligibility in participating in GBS recruitment process.
  • All the placement related communications will be done through e-mail only. Students are requested to keep a tab on their mails during the period of placement drive.
  • Students interested to participate in placement activities through personal reference must intimate the Placement Department before appearing for the interview.
  • It is expected that a student shall NOT add any ambiguous/ wrong/fraudulent/misleading information in his/her resume. Resume checks will continue throughout the placement process. If, on verification, any discrepancies are found, the student would be de-barred from placements. This may also attract strict disciplinary action.
  • Placement of a student in PSU's, INDIAN ARMY/NAVY will not be counted as a Campus placement. However the same can be accepted as a student’s placement for official record.
  • All students have to be particular about their resumes, passport size photographs and copy of their respective certificates during their placement scenario.
  • Any student not submitting the required documents will not be eligible for any placement either on campus or joint campus.
  • Any student found to have used unfair means or to have forged certificates shall be BLACKLISTED.
  • No student will be allowed to sit for Pooled campus placements unless accompanied by respective teacher coordinator.
  • A student will be BLACKLISTED and his/her previous placement shall stand cancelled if :
    1. He/ She indulges in placement activities without being eligible for the same either ON CAMPUS or JOINT CAMPUS
    2. Is found creating indiscipline of any kind during placement process.
    3. He/ She leave the placement process in between.
    4. He/ She do not submit his/her record of OFF CAMPUS placement.
  • If for whatever reasons the student remains absent from any stage/round of selection process he/she would be immediately de-registered from GBS placement process and would not be allowed to take part in the placements till he/she gets himself/herself re-registered.
  • Impersonation in tests or any kind of malpractice is a serious offence. Such students would be deregistered immediately and also will be referred to the concerned authorities for disciplinary action.
  • Students must NOT apply to any of this upcoming campus recruiter’s off-campus, as under an accord of mutual understanding between the firms and GBS, companies would notify the Placement Department of GBS whenever they receive an off-campus application from any of GBS students. In all such cases suitable action as per the institute rules would be would be initiated apart from the candidates being deregistered.
  • Students are NOT allowed to appear in final selection process (test/GD/interview etc) of companies they have not applied to through the GBS Placement Department have not been shortlisted in those companies. Students must refrain from contacting personnel of such companies when they are on-campus. Violation of this will attract deregistration and suitable disciplinary action.
  • Students must carry their I-cards at all times during interviews & screening tests. No one would be allowed to enter the test/interview venue without the I-card.
  • The date/time/venue of the interviews will be subject to changes which, at times, may be at a short notice. Students are required to stay in touch with their mails all the time.
  • Students must carry a complete file with a few copies of the resume, original certificates (if possible) and copies thereof while appearing for the interviews.
  • At the time of appearing for interviews, students MUST carry copies of the resume only as was submitted to that company online & NO other resume. Discrepancies in resumes are not appreciated by companies and may become a cause for rejection.
  • A student who applies and gets short listed is bound to go through the entire selection process unless rejected midway by the recruiter.
  • Any student who withdraws deliberately in the midst of a selection process will be disqualified from placement for the rest of the academic year.
  • Unauthorized absence for the test/interview will lead to cancellation of registration.

Students must be formally dressed whenever they participate in any sort of interaction with a company. The Placement Coordinator reserves the right to refuse permission to a student to attend the selection process, if their attire is unsatisfactory. The dress code shall be applicable for Pre placement talks as well.

Boys – Uniform / Formal dark pant with light colored full sleeve shirt with blazers, neck tie and formal shoes

Girls – Uniform / Churidar / Salwar / Shirt-Pant with blazers and shoes.

  • Announcement on the notice board will be considered as the final offer. Offers received from companies must be collected as per timings in circular /notice.
  • The students shall not question the company on why he/she is not selected. Selection is in the hands of the company. Any unruly behaviour compromising the reputation of the institute shall deem the student ineligible for future placements and the student shall face the disciplinary committee.
  • The responsibility of going through the offer letter and taking actions therein such as submission of documents lies entirely with the student.
  • The students should honor the offer and communicate with the Industry in a pleasing manner.
  • In case offers are received directly by the student from the company, the same must be intimated to the placement office.
JOINING STATUS: Students should notify the company with a copy to the placement office in case they are not joining the company with reasons. For all matters not covered by the above regulations, the placement coordinators will use their discretion to take appropriate decisions.

Internship Policy
Summer Internship Policy (SIP), GBS gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to significant problems in the public, private, or non-profit sectors and develop and enhance skills in areas of professional interest. The internship - completed over the summer following the first year of coursework - helps students clarify their career direction, give perspective on the selection of second-year electives, and enables students to establish networks of great value in securing post-graduation employment. SIP Objective The Summer Internship Program is meant to bridge the gap between the real-life business and academic institutions. It is a simulation of the business environment and enables students to experience the rigors of a business organization. The objectives of Summer Internship include:
  • provide students with opportunities to apply the concepts learnt in the class-room to real-life situations
  • To sensitize students to the dynamics of a work place by assigning time-bound projects in a company
  • To provide students a platform to network which will be useful to further their career prospects

All students are required to undergo the Summer Internship Program for twelve weeks after the successful completion of the second semester. The Summer Internship Program carries a weightage of six credits. Our career counselors work closely with each student to help identify and secure an internship that will advance the student’s individual career needs and goals.

This is a paid summer internship program. The school will not be responsible for any kind of travelling expenses and accommodation expenses incurred if any during SIP. The intern has no right to demand reimbursement for his / her expenses during the SIP.

The objective of the assessment of SIP is to provide the intern with feedback concerning both general and specific professional skills and competencies. The feedback will be taken from the external guide (from the organization) and the internal guide (from the business school).The student is expected to make 3 copies of the final report and submit one copy to the organization, business school and one copy for himself / herself. The internal guide reserves the right to visit the organization and assess the performance of the intern by taking a formal feedback from the reporting manager. Schedule - Internal guide visit to the Organization 15th day from the start of the internship, 45th day from the start of the internship towards the end of the internship program

Roles & Responsibilities of the Intern:
  • Be punctual for work
  • Be responsible for the tasks assigned
  • Do not leave work before the end of office hours
  • Display a professional attitude and pleasing appearance
  • Be pleasant to all the people he / she interacts with
  • Do not hesitate to seek help if encounter problems

Career Path
Comprehansive Marketing Profile
S.No Function Profiles Sectors
1 Communication Corporate Communication Executive Auto ancillary, Auto Mobile, NGO
Executive-Product & Brand Pharmaceutical, FMCG
Promotion Executive Entertainment, Event Management
Information Analyst - Marketing Pharmaceutical, Banking, Telecom (Cellular), Mutual Fund
Public relation Officer Real Estate, Education
2 Corporate Sales Corporate Sales Executive Telecom(Cellular),Retail, Entertainment
Asst. manager-Major accounts Entertainment
Assistant Manager-institutional sales Retail, Hotel
3 Customer Management Asst. Manager-Customer Support BPO/ITES, Entertainment, Retail
4 Direct marketing Area Development Officer Construction, FMCG
Assistant Manager Marketing NGO, Travel & Tourism, FMCG
Direct Marketing Executive FMCG, Entertainment, Aviation, IT
Event Manager - Marketing Event Management, Entertainment
Executive-Marketing IT, NGO, Entertainment, Event Management, IT (Hardware), Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Hotel, Real Estate, Aviation, BPO/ITES, Education, Retail, Telecom (Cellular),Construction
Territory Business Manager Pharmaceutical, Banking, EXIM
Online Business Coordinator Entertainment
5 Direct sales Agency Development Manager FMCG, Insurance, Banking, Telecom (Hardware)
Advisor - Insurance Insurance
Unit Sales Manager Banking
6 Industrial Sales Executive - OEM Sales Automobile
7 Marketing Sales / Coordination Command Centre Executive Hotel
8 Online Retailing e-Marketing Manager Retail, Entertainment, IT
9 Project Sales / Direct Sales Business Development Executive Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, IT, Neo Professional, Real Estate, Retail, Banking, Education, Insurance
10 Retail/Dealer Sales Sales Officer FMCG, Telecom(Hardware),Banking, Construction, Telecom(Cellular)
Area Sales Executive/Area Officer Retail, FMCG, Construction, Telecom(Hardware)
Field Planning Manager Insurance
Asst. Sales Manager/Executive Telecom(Cellular),Retail, FMCG, Textile
Field Officer Retail, FMCG
11 Store Retailing Floor Manager Retail
Store Manager Retail, Supply chain Retail
Shipping Executive - Marketing FMCG
Comprehensive Finance Profiles
S.No Function Profiles Sectors
1 Accounts & Finance Accounts Executive Real Estate, BPO/ITES, Insurance,Investment Banking, IT
Financial Planning Manager Insurance, Venture Capital
2 Corporate Finance Financial Analyst Banking, BPO/ITES, Neo Professional
Business Analyst Telecom (Hardware)
Market Analyzer Banking
Financial Assistant Banking, Entertainment, IT, Insurance
Manager - Accounts Payable Banking, Real Estate, IT
Associate - Finance Education, BPO/ITES
Content Developer Banking
3 Financial Markets Capital Fund Specialist Venture Capital
4 Insurance Insurance Operations Officer Insurance
5 Investment Banking Investment Banking Analyst Investment Banking
6 Venture Capital Executive-Seed Funds Venture Capital
Executive -Project Sales Venture Capital
7 Portfolio Management Finance Executive Banking, Entertainment, Insurance
Equity Analyst Banking
Manager - Trade EXIM, Investment Banking
Dealer-Security Products Investment Banking
8 Retail banking Mutual Fund Analyst Banking
Loan Officer Banking
Asst. Manager-Cards Banking
9 Risk Management Underwriter Banking
Executive - Risk Management Banking, Insurance, EXIM
Comprehensive HR Profiles
S.No Function Profiles Sectors
1 Compensation HR Payroll / Compensation Manager IT (Software) / FMCG
2 Core HR HR Assistant/HR Executive Auto Ancillary, Automobile, Retail, Hotel, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Textile, NGO, Retail, Stock Exchange, Retail, Banking, Entertainment, IT, Education.
HR Corporate Planning NGO, IT
3 HR Coordination HR MIS Coordinator Pharmaceutical
HR Analyst NGO, Neo Professional
HR Counselor Education
HR Guest Relation Officer Hotel
HR Customer Service Executive Aviation
HR Administration Banking, Real Estate
4 HRD HR Employee Relationship Manager Pharmaceutical
5 Industrial law HR Industrial Relations Manager IT (Software), FMCG
Personnel officer IT (Software), FMCG
Scheduling and Logistics Manager Supply Chain
Procurement Specialist Supply Chain
Junior Executive Supply Chain
Operation Executive Supply Chain
Merchandiser EXIM
Manager - Distribution Retail
Branch Operation Executive Insurance
6 Recruitement HR Recruiter Neo Professional. Real Estate, Hotel, BPO/ITES, Entertainment, Banking
7 Training & Development HR Trainer NGO, BPO/ITES, Education
HR Voice & Accent Trainer BPO/ITES
8 Talent Management Executive - Talent Management NEO Professional, BPO/ITES, Banking, IT
Comprehensive Operations Management Profiles
S.No Function Profiles Sectors
1 Retail Supply Chain Management Plant Operation Assistant FMCG
Business E.D.P analyst FMCG
2 Supply Chain Functions Wharehouse Operations Manager Supply Chain
3 Travel & Tourism Travel Agent Aviation
4 IT Hardware Direct Marketing Executive - IT IT - Hardware
5 Back Office Functions Associate/Sr. Associate - (Technical) BPO/ITES
International Business Development Executive BPO/ITES
Technical Support & Sr. Technical Support Executive BPO/ITES

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