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Business Analytics
There is a growing demand for postgraduates with strong business analytical skills are visible in the current market scenario. However, a growing number of jobs—both line & staff - in virtually every industry increasingly require quantitative skills. This is applicable under the following conditions….
  • A marketing department, where you will be increasingly required to interpret customer preferences and trends from vast quantities of real-time point-of-sales data or Internet usage patterns;
  • Government or law enforcement, such as in identifying hidden patterns to detect increasingly sophisticated fraudulent schemes;
  • A research laboratory, where you are trying to discover the next blockbuster drug or design a green building;
  • Manufacturing plant floor, where employees must continually monitor, interpret and determine how to respond to feedback from increasingly automated, computer-controlled facilities and processes.
  • A IT company where you have to constantly in touch with market dynamics and able to alert your employer for Business Continuity.
These are only 25% of the possibilities that one can do with Business Analytics
Skills Requirements
The dramatic growth in business analytics is creating all types of new career opportunities. More importantly, it will require huge numbers of people who understand the type of information that companies will need from the analytics applications and how to capture, present and apply this information to the needs of the business. This requires people with skills in areas including:
  • Information strategy, as to define a company’s information agenda and determine the type of data that will be required;
  • Enterprise information integration, to ensure the integrity of information used in data warehouses and analytics applications;
  • Business performance management, to determine the most effective way to present information to users;
  • Enterprise content management, to integrate data and workflow into information management strategies;
  • Advanced analytics, to ensure that information can be used in a way that will allow a company to predict and proactively address needs in real time;
  • Business process optimization and transformation, to reinvent processes in a way that will allow the organization to quickly, effectively and efficiently respond to changes and make mid-course corrections.
GBS offers Business Analytics specializations with the following papers
  • Design, Analysis and Business Modeling
  • Business Analysis Essentials
  • Advance modeling tools
  • Business Process Modeling and Process Mapping
  • Data Modeling and Data Mapping
  • Business Analysis with MS Visio
  • Advance Business Analysis with Rational
  • Project Management with MS Project
  • Quality Assurance with QTP
  • Business Analytics with SAS & SPSS
  • Domain Training (Any Two)
    • Retail Banking
    • Investment Banking
    • Regulation
    • Insurance
    • Healthcare
  • Management for Business Analyst in Global Scenario
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