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Management Development Programme (MDP)

GBS understands that our professional education is not geared up to offer specific training and skill sets which align specific employer requirements. There is a need of such type of courses but very few options to explore. Many companies and academic institutions are looking for some sort of middle ground where the needs of universities and the needs of businesses can meet.

Many companies were forced to hire workers without the needed training and skills, and to rely instead on the job training program to fill in the gaps. In order to address this growing problem, GBS developed a series of new courses falling under different functional and sectoral areas in conjunction with several national level academies and institutions.

GBS designs tailor made courses of shorter duration keeping in mind the corporate requirement which gets taught by both academicians and company professionals. This is a collaborative approach, with corporations and colleges working together to produce students who can hit the ground running and provide real value in their various job functions. Students and job candidates get the value of a certification to add to their resume, while the college gets to produce the well rounded knowledgeable student that has long been the standard of academia

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
PGDM with Media
PGDM with Healthcare
PGDM with Investment Banking & Risk Management
PGDM with Retail Business
PGDM with Business Analytics
Executive PGDM
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