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GBS Incubator
GBS School of Business Studies is committed to promote and empower the entrepreneurial development in the institute. The institute already offers special skill programs on entrepreneurship and have a very active E-Club run by the students. GBS recently launched its incubator to provide support to aspiring entrepreneurs. To take it further, the institute has set up the team with the following objectives:

  • To support creation of New Start Ups by providing consulting services in opportunities, identifying requirements, analysis the needs and managing.
  • To undertake research projects on various aspects of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • To develop case studies highlighting different issues and dilemmas faced by Entrepreneurs and Innovators.

What Should You Expect from The Incubator?
Anything that a New Start Up looks for!

From mentoring, consulting and till the time the project gets over the line Students will be part of the project and help the New ventures take off well. Incubator will have students actively participating and as well help from the Faculty when required. Being management grads, our students will help you in the functional areas like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and as well the Supply Chain Operations.

Who can apply?
  • Anyone who is willing to solve a problem worth solving.
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