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Employability Skills

Verbal Communication Skills
Accent neutralization Working Vocabulary Netiquettes
Active listening Speech modulation Telephone Etiquettes
Rate of speech Technical Report Writing Public speaking
Vernacular English English Language Presentation skills
Sound articulation Pronunciation (Grammar, Pronunciation) Extempore Management concept
Speeches & Debates  
Non-Verbal Communication Skills
Body language Presentation skills Table manners
Business etiquettes  
Personal Skills Development
Customer Centric Attitude EXCEL & SAS Verbal and Non- Verbal Intelligence
Informed about Psycho-Somatic diseases Cognitive abilities Decision making and problem solving skills
Information-gathering skills  
Interpersonal Skills Development
Emotional Intelligence Team playing ability Leadership
Confidence-building skills Self-awareness skills Strengths and weaknesses
Goal-setting skills Self-evaluation & self-monitoring skills Anger management
dealing with grief and anxiety Coping skills  
Negotiation & Refusal Skills
Negotiation and conflict management Assertiveness skills Refusal skills
Advocacy Skills
Skills of influence and persuasion Networking and motivation skills
Groupn Effectiveness Skills
Conflict Resolution Teamwork Value Diversity
Effective Relationships Social Responsibility and Effective Citizenship  
Personal Management Skills
Career Development Career Securing tudy Skills
Business Knowledge & Career Information
Business Simulations Business plan Career Portfolio Mapping
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
PGDM with Media
PGDM with Healthcare
PGDM with Investment Banking & Risk Management
PGDM with Retail Business
PGDM with Business Analytics
Executive PGDM
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