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GBS School of Business Studies

The ever-increasing emphasis of GBS of experiential learning prompted the students to come up with various clubs that are linked to the specialization or the subject area of their interest. Following are the clubs that are the part of the business school. They conduct activities both internal and external which involves students from other colleges also to participate.

The primary function of this club is to conduct activities related to promotions, sales and branding activities. This club has 8 members picked up from the 2nd year and 1st year. The club is led by the 2nd year student Ms. Rutvi Shah. The Marketing club in this academic year has undertaken a Market Research survey for identifying the consumer behavioral trends and also has done the segmentation for the FMCG and Consumer durable products for the various NCCS segments. This was purely an internal activity aimed at positioning and re orienting various consumer durable to different segments.

This is one of the most sought after, oldest and popular Clubs of GBS. It has 9 members in it led by the 2nd year student Mr. Prem Kumar. This club brings out a monthly College journal which chronicles the events and activities that happens in the Business School. It also takes care of the editorial write ups and holding various on the spot competitions on monthly basis. The activities include innovative designing of ads, developing jingles on socially relevant issues and managing the various social media activities for promoting the business school.

This is a niche club that is created to spread the awareness on the importance of retail and logistics in the area of management. This club primarily organizes seminars and workshops in the areas of Logistics, Supply Chain and Retail. The club has 7 members led by the 2nd year student Mr. Dilip Reddy. Thanks to this club, GBS was able to organize a 1-day work shop in the area of Port logistics where the pioneers of the industry from APSSDC have participated and delivered lectures.

This is one of the most prestigious clubs of GBS. The aim of the club is to promote the spirit of Entrepreneurship in the minds of young. The club has 6 members led by the 2nd Year student Mr. Naveen Kumar. Naveen is an aspiring entrepreneur whose business idea was acknowledged at the state level young entrepreneurial competitions conducted by JNTU Hyderabad. Under the aegis of this club, students participate in a compulsory entrepreneurial activity where with a seed capital of 10,000 for a time period of 3 months, they have to take up a business venture and show profits. Every student of GBS has to compulsorily do this project and the activity is funded and driven by this club.

This is the club for the budding investors and traders of GBS. GBS actively encourages students to develop a habit of investing, whatever profession they might get into. So, the Stock market club holds mock investment and trading competitions to promote the spirit of investment amongst the students. It also organizes lecture sessions by leading broking firms to install confidence in the minds of students and allay fears of investing. The club has 6 members led by 2nd year student Mr. Anvesh Mineni. The club also has a derivatives wing which devises various option strategies to be adopted under different market conditions and comes up with the advisory.

GBS views Financial Risk Management as a very important aspect of a Finance student's career path. It offers an attractive career and right now seen as one of the very attractive career to pursue. The Risk Management club has a team of 6 members led by 2nd year Student Ms. Ankita Rao. This club has developed a separate rating scale called "GBS rating scale" for measuring the risk and credit exposure of various companies. The rating scale has been scientifically created under the able guidance of the credit risk analysis faculty Prof. Sriram Gurujala. The rating scale measures the credit risk of companies in different sectors every week and releases the list. The list gets updated once every 6 months. This is by far the toughest and most challenging club of GBS.

The purpose of HR club is to bring together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management, help them develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world and encourage them to meet professionals who work in the field of Human Resources Management. The HR club holds events all through the year to enable students to gain insights into the latest happenings in the field of HR. The plethora of activities ranging from seminar, conferences, Debates to Quiz, Games & Exercises etc. are regularly organized to enhance the relevant and essential skills required to make successful HR professional in the corporate world. The club has 7 members led by the 2nd year student Mr. Akshay Pawar.