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Choice Based Credit System

GBS is following Choice Based Credit System during the Second Year of the PGDM program. The Choice Based Credit System is applicable to electives. The objectives of CBCS systems are
  1. It is meant to make the curriculum interdisciplinary.
  2. Interdisciplinary approach enables integration of concepts, theories, techniques, and perspectives from two or more disciplines to advance fundamental understanding or to solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline.
  3. Choose electives from a wide range of courses
  4. Undergo additional courses and acquire more than required number of credits
  5. Adopt an interdisciplinary approach in learning
  6. Greatly improves the employ ability of students.
  7. Promotes students’ mobility – horizontal as well as vertical.
GBS promotes Choice Based Credit System which permits the students to choose any combination of papers with equivalence of 30 credits from a bucket of Functional papers and 10 Credits from the sectoral list. The package consists of 5 different functional elective areas and 9 sectoral specializations. During the second year, students has to choose three layers of specializations as the mandatory part of the PGDM program.
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